The Importance of Maintaining Your Tire Tread

So your new tires - which are supposedly good for 50,000 miles - seem to be looking a little dull around 35,000 miles and you're wondering how long until a trip to the tire shop? Tires are probably the most important thing on your car because they determine much of the ride quality and traction. There are several ways to indicate whether your tires need replacing.

The best and most preferred way is to check tread-wear indicators, which run horizontal to the tread pattern. They look like small bars that let you know if your tire is past the legal limit. It's not preferred that you wait until the tire wears down to the tread-wear indicator but much sooner, as tires will start to lose traction significantly after 80% of wear.

Aggressive driving, such as turning at fast speeds, will cause the tires to wear even quicker so it's always important to check your tires to make sure you're safe on the road. Let the auto parts specialists at our Washington, NC dealership handle your tire replacement and maintenance needs. Stop on by or give us a call soon!

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