Is it Time For a Trip?

With summer coming upon us, it is time to plan a trip for the summer holidays. Before you do, you should also consider your vehicle. Bring your car to our service center, and make sure that the car is ready for extended miles on the open road. Ask a technician to check your vehicle from top to bottom. Have them adjust, replace, or repair whatever needs to be done. It is better to do it now than to wait and have to have it done while on a trip.
Carry a road side emergency kit with you. Make sure you have a flashlight and some jumper cables, and an extra cell phone charger as well. Take along plenty of snacks and drinks. People get hungry and thirsty between stops.
If children are going with you, make sure they have something to occupy their time. Children get bored sitting still for any period of time. Prepare games for them.
Contact us today! We will have more tips for you.
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